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Going through my great grandfathers estate I found 3 stock certificates my father (executor of the estate) missed at the time.

The Alschbach Gold Mining Company, Limited (2000 shares registered on April 24, 1934)

Canadian Kirland Mines Limited (1000 shares, registered on March 26, 1935)

Sentinel Oils Limited (200 shares, registered on May 17, 1929)when I google this stock I can find Sentinel Oils but nothing with the Limited (if that matters)

Would like to see if there is any value, as the estate accounts would have to be opened 30 years later.

Thank you for your time,

Geoff, this is a very interesting situation. From the information I have available:

Alschback changed its name to Hispyke Explorations Inc in 1985. Hispyke later became RJK Minerals, which had a 1 for 2.5 reverse split and became RJK Explorations. RJK is still around - the stock trades on the TSX Venture Exchange for about 11 cents per share. If there were not any other reverse splits in there, the original certificate would be worth about $88 today. The current transfer agent is Equity Financial ( I would suggest your first order of business is to contact them and see if your Great Grandfather is listed as a shareholder - it is possible the stock was sold or transferred at some point without the certificate and he ceased to be a shareholder at some point (unlikely, but certainly worth checking). It is also possible that they had lost track of your Great Grandfather so long ago that they turned the asset over to the government for safekeeping.

Canadian Kirkland had numerous name changes and at least 2 reverse splits (a 1 for 10, followed by another 1 for 10) and ended as Homebank Technologies, which was acquired in 2007 for 17.2526 cents cash per share. Taking into account the reverse splits, your Great Grandfather's certificate would have represented $1.73 in the merger. Not much.

I have no information on Sentinel Oils, although 1929 predates most of the information I have available. You can try contacting a broker and see if they can perform a detailed search for you.

I highly recommend that you also try searching the missing property offices of every State or Province in which your Great Grandfather lived from the time he first acquired these certificates until he passed. The assets from the first two certificates might still be available, and there might also be some other missing assets you do not know about. You can search many of them online for free at and Search using his name exactly as it appears on the certificates, even if it is abbreviated or misspelled.

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