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I read your answer to William Kingsley who was looking into finding out if his old Stanley Reef stocks were worth anything. You mentioned that the last "owners" of the stock was Unocal and that they paid out $10.10 per share (after all the splitting) My problem is that I never received a cheque or notice of the sale. My address had changed since they were purchased. You mentioned that if they couldn't get in touch, that the money would be sent to the government for safe keeping. My question is "which government" would it have been" or "which province" or "which state"? Since Unocal has been purchased or swallowed up by Chevron, who or how do we try to claim our money owed? I realize that you mentioned the "" site but I live in Ontario, Canada and it's not an available selection. I have no idea who to contact. I would appreciate any help in this matter. Thanks.

Paul, when a company loses track of a shareholder, they turn over any assets to the government (State or Province) of the last known address of the shareholder. You need to search the missing property offices of every State or Province in which you lived from the time you first acquired the shares until the takeover as you don't know at what stage or date they lost track of your whereabouts.

For Ontario, they are far far far behind the curve regarding missing property. Just about every State and Province has established a specific missing property department to handle lost property of its citizens, and most of them have now put their full registries online so people can easily and quickly search for their missing property for free. Ontario has done neither. I believe the Office of the Treasurer handles lost property in Ontario, but I suggest you E-mail Ontario and ask and see if they can direct you to a contact person.

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