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After receiving a letter for my long deceased mother (1988) to attend a Shareholders Meeting of Crescent Point Energy Corp, I was prompted to dig through some old stock certificates that she had left me, and at the time had little or no value.
I have discovered; 9000 Ville Marie Exploration
         2000 South Eastern Gas and Oil Company LTD
         1000 Fallinger Corporation
         3000 Carday Uranium
         3000 Manitou Lakes Gold Mines Inc.
         1000 Swansea Gold Mines Inc.
         500 Oreco Mines and Energy Corp.
Could you please help or direct me where I could determine if there is now any value to these stock.

Thank you

Elizabeth, from the information I have available:

The Crescent Point came from the Ville Marie. Ville changed names twice (to Heartland and then Ryland) and had a 1 for 10 reverse split before it was acquired by Crescent Point on the basis of 0.0117 of Crescent Point share for each share of Ryland Oil.

South Eastern Gas had its charter cancelled in the late 1970's. No current value.

Fallinger became Sogevex Inc., but I have no additional information.

I have no specific information on the fate of Carday, but I believe it was deleted from the DTC system several years ago as an inactive security without transfer facilities. That strongly suggests no value.

Manitou had a 1 for 8 reverse split and became Amercoeur Energy, which was cease-traded in 1988. That cease-trade order remains in effect, so no current value.

Swansea was cease-traded in 1994, and that order remains in effect, so no current value.

Oreco became VRD Entertainment, which lost its market trading. It tried to reorganize in the 1990's into a new company, but I have no information that it was successful in reorganizing and returned to trading.

For the Fallinger and Oreco I suggest you contact a broker and see if they can perform a detailed search for you.

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