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Canadian Stocks/1951 and 1952 share certificates


I have old share certificates for:

Spud Valley Gold Mines Ltd. (1951)
Red Hawk Gold Mines Ltd. (1952)
Vulture Silver Lead Zinc Syndicate (1951)

and Quatsino Copper-Gold Mines Ltd (1952) which you have previously indicated were of no value.

Can you please confirm if the others are of any value?

Thank you.

David, from the information I have available:

Spud Valley has no current value. The Company had a name change before being dissolved in the early 1960's.

Red Hawk has no current value. The Company had several name changes and revere splits before being dissolved in the late 1980's.

I have no information on Vulture Silver. It is a syndicate, which is a special kind of company. They were established under different rules and were not publicly traded. Instead, they were formed to explore a specific property or area and sold privately to a very small number of people. When the money ran out, the syndicate would dissolve. If they found anything of value, they would sell the asset to another company, usually for stock which was distributed directly to the syndicate members. Best you can do is contact the Province in which the syndicate was formed and see what information they have available.

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