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I found 2 certs while cleaning out my grandfather's desk. Polex Mines Limited and Consolidated Boeing Holdings & Explorations. The date of the Polex cert is 1970 and the other 1972. Google wasn't able to tell me much about these two and I think these are both long gone and or defunct

Peter, from the information I have available:

Polex had two reverse splits and became Spartec International. Spartec was cease-traded and delisted in 1999, and that cease-trade order remains in effect.

Consolidated Boeing became Academy Exploration Limited. Academy is still around, although it is not listed or traded anywhere. Right now they are an empty shell looking to merge with a private company and become relisted somewhere. You need to contact the current transfer agent, Heritage Transfer, about getting the certificate reorganized. Heritage's contact information is:

4 King Street West
Toronto, ONT, M5H 1B6

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