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My father passed away last year and I came across some old Stock Certificates from 1955.  The Dyno Mines shows that he has 100 shares of their stock and 10 shares of Farwest Tungsten Copper mines.

Are these companies still active?  If so do the shares have any value?  There is also a letter of Transmittal from the Guaranty Trust Company of Canada and a copy of an invoice from J.A. Wintrop Limited from 1955 stating they had bought these securities for my father.

Thank you in advance for any assistance that you are able to provide.

Sandra Doyle

Sandra, from the information I have available:

Dyno has no current value. The Company merged into International Mogul Mines on the basis of 10 shares of International Mogul for every 67 shares of Canadian Dyno. International Mogul later became Calmor Iron Bay Mines (1978). Calmor seems to have disappeared, except several years ago it was included in a massive purge of inactive and untransferable (i.e., worthless) shares ordered destroyed by the DTC. Therefore, there is no current value.

Farwest has no current value. The Company became Farwest Mining before it had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in the mid-1970's.

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