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i have recently come across some shares from reed lake  exploration and soocana explorations and im wondering if the are worth anything and how do i get rid of them

Adriana, from the information I have available:

Reed Lake had had two reverse splits (1 for 7 and 1 for 10) and several name changes. It is now EPM Mining, which trades on the TSX Venture for about 30 cents per share. You will need to contact the current transfer agent, Equity ( in regards to your old shares.

Socana had a 1 for 2 reverse split and became Plata-Peru. Plata was suspended and delisted in 2002, but the Company survived for a while longer. In 2009, they announced they swapped their exploration property for shares in another company, but the value of those new shares was less than the current debt. And, they were being sued by a third company, which meant they were not able to provide shareholders with anything at that time. Since then, there has been nothing from the company and it is unlikely to ever have much, if any, value.

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