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Hello Mr. Taylor,

A colleague of mine found some of her grandfather's old stock certificates, one of them being from Consolidated Cordasun Oils Limited.  There are 50 shares issued on 12/7/1950.  The transfer agent as listed on the certficate is Chartered Trust Company, Toronto.  Can you help us out and point us in the right direction of how to research this or if you have any resources, see if its worth anything?

Thank you.

Craig, from the information I have available, Consolidated Cordasun had several name changes and two reverse splits (1 for 10 and 1 for 7) and became Oakwood Petroleums, which was later acquired by Sceptre Resources. The problem is that the two reverse splits would have wiped out the shares, or reduced the number to just 1, before the acquisition almost 25 years ago. Therefore, it appears the shares have no current value.

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