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I found acertificate for 250 shares dated January 31st 1964,
LODE MINES LIMITED.  the certificate number is 2378.
is this worth anything?  
also have a "member loan certificate" from the Newmarket Co0Operative Association dated January 17 1964 in the amount of $50.00. again, is this worth anything.
I appreciate all your help on this.  thanks

Celine, from the information I have available, the Lode Mine shares have no value. The Company had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in the early 1980's.

I have nothing on the member loan certificate. That would not be a publicly traded company, and is likely a local members co-op. I highly doubt there is any value to that except as a collectable. You could try calling the Newmarket (Ontario) Co-Op. There is still a listing for them in several directories.

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