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I have in my possesion a stock certificate origionally owned by my late mother from the "NICKEL MINING AND SMELTING CORPORATION" issued April 30, 1959 for 36 shares of stock by Guaranty Trust Co.

Are these shares still worth anything and if so what would be my best method of cashing them in..

Thanks for your help


Gerry, from the information I have available:

Nickel Mining has gone through numerous name changes and reverse splits (1 for 5, followed by a 1 for 2). It became Faraday Resources, which was acquired by Conwest Exploration on the basis of 0.42 Conwest for every Faraday share. Conwest was acquired by Alberta Energy in 1996 on the basis of 1.25 Alberta Energy for each Conwest Share. Alberta Energy became Encana on the basis of 1.472 Encana for each Alberta Energy. Encana later split into two Companies - Encana and Cenovus. Encana trades for about $20 per share, and Cenovus trades for about $33.50. You will need to contact the transfer agents for both Encana and Cenovus. Both use Canadian Stock Transfer -

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