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My wife's Aunt left her 10,000 shares without par value in the capital of Fiscal Investments Limited , have a certificate # P0637 , bought in July 21 1964  ,,,, countersigned and registered Crown Trust Company ,,, looks scammy but you never know , haven,t found a value , thanks for any  information ?

William, I can confirm that Fiscal Investments was a public company that was traded on the Canadian Dealer Network up until the CDN was dissolved about 12 years ago. They continued on without trading and were slapped with a cease-trade order by Ontario in 2003 for failure to file their required financial information. However, that order was later lifted, but I cannot find what happened to the Company. So, it may still be around under a different name that for some reason I cannot find. The old CDN traded companies were very small and difficult to track in even the best of times.

Crown Trust is long gone, so I suggest you try contacting the Province of Incorporation (listed on the certificate) and see what information they have. Or contact a broker and ask them to perform a search for you.

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