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In 1986, l bought stocks in Bow Valley Resource Services LTD>
What are they worth, or who do I ask to find out.
Thank You Wilf

From the information I have available, Bow Valley had several name changes and reverse stock splits (1 for 5, then a 1 for 4) and became Orbus Phama. Orbus went bankrupt in 2010 and sold all their assets and issued a lot of new shares to satisfy creditors. The stock was delisted by the TSX-V in 2012, and currently it seems the company is dormant. However, if those creditors are ever to see a return on the stock they were issued to satisfy their debts, the stock will have to return to trading in the future. I suggest you contact the last known transfer agent, Computershare ( and make sure they have your contact information if and when it returns to trading.

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