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are old stocks worth anything to someone other than the bearer if there was never a transfer (on the back)
if it is signed on the back, can one just fill in their own name?

or are these just historic pieces of paper?

of interest
1000 shares of pickle crow explorations limited... 1969
562 shares of crowbank mines limited....1969
1000 shares of monpre mining company limited... 1958
1000 shares of monpre mining company limited....1964
1000 shares of latin american mines limited ... 1965
166 shares of abbican mines limited...1960
5 shares of silverfields mining corporation limited..1969

these are all from the province of ontario

Chris, without a valid transfer, old stock certificates are worthless to anyone but the person named on the front. Certificates are not bearer instruments. The only valid measure of ownership is what is on the electronic register maintained by the transfer agent/registrar. Certificates only represent ownership (like a receipt). To be validly transferred, the certificates, or other legal instrument, has to be signed by the old owner AND stamped AND sent to the transfer agent for the official transfer. Without legal transfer, the certificates are worthless to anyone but the person officially named on the transfer agent's records.

Therefore, unless you have legal transfer from the person named on the certificate, or you can prove other transfer (usually only a will or other legal document is sufficient), the certificates have no value to you.

If you believe you can meet the legal requirements for transfer, I will research those old certificates for you. Otherwise, they are just historical documents.

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