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My husband just passed and we had stocks in Zynex and Belteco holdings with E.A. Manning ltd. from 1992. Can I still cash these in?

Diane, from the information I have available:

Zynex had a 1 for 11 reverse split and became Imperial PlasTech. Imperial later had a further 1 for 3 reverse split, and eventually became Peak Gold. Peak merged with 2 other companies and became New Gold on the basis of 0.1 of a New Gold share for each Peak share. New Gold currently trades on the TSE and NYSE MKT for about $9.40 per share. You will need to contact the current transfer agent, Computershare ( to determine if your old shares are valid and, if so, to get them reorganized into the New Gold shares.

Belteco has no current value. The Company (and E.A. Manning) had serious regulatory issues over the sale of Belteco shares to clients, and the Company was slapped with a cease-trade order, which remains in effect today. The Ontario Securities Commission filed suit against E.A. Manning and the Belteco insiders for fraud very shortly after they sold you the shares. You can read about the case and OSC decision at the link below:  

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