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QUESTION: HI Steven, I found some old certificates for Hayes Cadillac
Mines Limited - are they worth anything?  

Also, for Associated Porcupine Mines Limited.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you
in advance.  Lynne

ANSWER: Lynne, from the information I have available:

Hayes Cadillac has no value. The Company had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in the early 1950's.

Associated Porcupine was acquired in 1989 by American Reserve Mining Corp. on the basis of $5.00 per share cash PLUS 0.75 of an American Reserve share for each Porcupine share. American Reserve later did a 1 for 16 reverse split and became AMI Resources, which then had another 1 for 5 reverse split. AMI trades on the TSX Venture for about 3 cents per share. You need to contact the current transfer agent, Computershare ( about the old certificates.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Steven, Thanks for the info yesterday.  Really, really helpful!
I have a couple of others, Amity Copper and Gold Mines, Limited and
Rubec Mines, Limited.  I think both a defunct but not sure but the
certificates are very old - 1936 and 1929 and have interesting
pictures.  If the certificates are worthless do you know if there is
a market for the certificates themselves and where I would sell them.
Thanks again, Lynne

Lynne, I have no information on either Amity Copper or Rubec Mines, but they almost certainly predate much of the information I have available.

For the old certificates, there is a market for them among collectors. Famous (or infamous) certificates hold the most value, but interesting designs and pictures also tend to do well. The value tends to be somewhat nominal, but it is definitely worth investigating and seeing if you can obtain some value for the old certificates.

I suggest you do a search online for "old stock certificate collecting" or "scripophily", which is the technical name for the hobby of stock certificate collecting.

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