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Is there any information you can give me regarding this? Certificate is dated Aug 11, 1970. Registered at The Royal Bank of Canada Trust Corp. Ltd, and Montreal Trust Company of London, England. No. IW 08537 It Has 38 of 40 coupons still attached, first two are missing. Also have other coupons from same company but certificate is gone. Any information would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

Melanie, from the information I have available, the bearer warrants have no value. IOS was a well-known international fraud that collapsed shortly after those warrants were issued. However, since it is a well-known fraud, the certificate likely has some value to collectors. There are quire a few similar certificates for sale on the internet as art.

There was some money recovered in the bankruptcy proceedings for certificate holders, so I would not be surprised if the certificate is missing because it was submitted for claims to the court.

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