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I bought a boxfull of old coins and currency for the price of the 10 Euros that was mixed with the lot...

Now I have 6 Stock Certificates that I know nothing about.

Of course, it's not my name on the stocks... First question would be : if they are worth something, could I still "cash then in" ?

Now for the description :

Bousradillac Gold Mines Limited
- 500 shares of 1$ to Thomson, Mathewson & Co., Oct 4 1939
- 200 shares of 1$ to McFetrick & Company, Sep 26 1936
- 100 shares of 1$ to McFetrick & Company, Jan 13 1937

Reward Mining Company Limited
- 500 shares of 1$ to Flood, Potter & Co., Mar 22 1937

* The above are all stamped in the back stating that taxes have been paid.

Stadacona Mines (1944) Limited
- 500 shares without nominal or par value? to Dave Engel, Jul 19 1949
- 500 shares without nominal or par value? to Dave Engel, Mar 10 1948

These two were stapled together at some time... they may have been transfered from Eastern Trust Company to Chartered Trust Company?

Thanks for the help as I have no clue how/where to research this subject.

Patrick, from the information I have available, all of those companies are defunct and have no value. But, even if they did, you would be unable to collect on them. Certificates are not bearer instruments. That is why they have the owner's names on them. Having a certificate in your possession does not convey ownership - only the shareholder register maintained by the transfer agent counts. In order to transfer ownership of shares to you, the registered owner would not only have to sign over the certificate to you (a section on the back is provided for this reason) but the signed and notarized document would have to be submitted to the transfer agent (with a check to pay for the re-registration). Only then can the underlying shares be conveyed to you.  

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