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I'm researching some old mining stock certificates from my dad's files and was able to find a few after looking through your previous responses to other clients but there are still a few that I could not find, they are as follows:

New Mallen Red Lake Mines Limited
Argyle Consolidated Gold Mines Limited
Calumet Uranium Mines Ltd

Thank you so much,

Paul, from the information I have available:

New Mallen has no value. The Company had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in the 1970's.

I have no information on Argyle, but it seems to be very very old and likely predates the information I have available. Since it was the 1920's, it is highly unlikely to have current value, but you could try contacting a broker and see what information they can find.

Calumet has no current value. It had numerous reverse splits and name changes and became Albarmont (1985) Inc. The Company appeared on the DTCC certificate destruction list in 2011 which is for worthless securities.

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