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QUESTION: I have 2 stock certificates. The first one is Agnico Eagle Mines Limited (bought in 1972) & the second reads - Acroll Oil & Gas Ltd (bought in 1971). Are these stock certificates listed anywhere and are they worth anything.
THANK YOU, Phillip

ANSWER: Phillip, from the information I have available:

Agnico Eagle is still around. You will need to contact the current transfer agent, Computershare ( to determine if your old certificate is currently valid.

Acroll had 3 reverse splits (1 for 4, followed by a 1 for 2.3, then a 1 for 10) and then was acquired by Ranchman's Resources (0.69 of a Ranchman's share for 1 share of the old). Ranchman's was acquired by Crestar (0.225 of a Crestar for each share of Ranchman's), which was then acquired by Gulf Canada (3.33 shares of Gulf PLUS $3.25 cash for each share of Crestar) which was finally acquired by Conoco Canada in 2001 for $12.40 cash per share. If, after all the reverse splits and acquisitions, you had any shares left, you would have received a check in 2001. If not, the money would have been turned over to the government for safekeeping and possibly may still be available. You need to search each State or Province in which you lived from the time the certificate was issued to you. You can search many of them on-line for free at and

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QUESTION: Dear Steve,
You wrote: You need to search each State or Province in which you lived from the time the certificate was issued to you. What does this mean? I lived in Brooklyn at that time, did you mean that I need to look to the US government or Canadian government.
Thank You, Phillip

Phillip, missing and lost property is handled on the State and Provincial level based upon the last known address on record with the transfer agent. If you lived in Brooklyn, that would be the State of New York. Here is the direct link to the State of New York missing property search page.

Search using the name exactly as it appears on the certificate, even if it is abbreviated or misspelled.  

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