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My uncle has a stock certificate (#1093)in his name and dated from 1966 for 500 shares of Canadian High Point Mines Limited.  He also has a receipt and correspondence from the broker E.A. Manning Limited from Toronto.

How do I determine whether the certificate has any value?

Thank you

Paul, from the information I have available, the Company has gone through numerous name changes and acquisitions and is now Sprott Resource Lending, which trades on the TSX and NYSE MKT in the US for about $1.45 a share. Unfortunately, due to all the capital changes through the acquisitions, I believe the original 500 shares may, at best, be only 2 shares of Sprott if any at all. It is possible the acquisitions wiped out all the shares some time ago. The best thing to do is contact the current transfer agent, Computershare ( and see what information they can provide about the validity of the old certificate.

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