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I have Claremont Mines LTD shares  purchased in 1982 and Monk Goldmine Ltd sahres purchased in 1983 (Recepts from Gordon-Daley Grenadier)i am seeking to find any information on these certificates

Larry, from the information I have available:

Claremont Mines has no current value. The Company changed its name to Claremont Industries, but was cease-traded by Ontario in 1989. Since that cease-trade order remains in effect, the shares have no current value.

I have no information on Monk Gold Mines Ltd., although I have been asked about it quite a few times before, which suggests there are a lot of certificates floating around out there. Not a good sign. If there is a transfer agent listed on the certificate, you should try to contact them first as they will know if the shares have any current value. You can also try the Province of Incorporation and see what information they have available. Or, contact a broker and ask them to perform a detailed search for you.  

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