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Hello Mr. Taylor.

My grandfather's safety deposit box was recently opened which revealed a number of gold mine stocks. Relatives distributed a number of these certificates to other relatives as mementos.Just wondering if the following papers are worth anything besides framing them & hanging them on my office wall:

-Morris Kirkland Gold Mines Limited, 500 shares purchased
April 21, 1938:

-Nicola Mines & Metals, Limited, 25 shares purchased
February 8, 1934:

-Bilmar Gold Mines, Limited, 500 shares purchased March 9, 1957

-New Marlon Gold Mines Limited, 1000 Shares purchased
June 3, 1947.

Thanks in Advance

Martin, from the information I have available:

Morris Kirkland has no value. The Company was dissolved in the early 1970's.

I have no information on Nicola Mines, although 1934 predates much of the information I have available.

I also have no information on Bilmar Gold Mines.

New Marlon did several reverse splits and name changes before losing its charter and dissolving in the early 1970's.

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