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I have 120 shares of Lake Otter Uranium Mines LTD shares are they worth any thing

Maria, I don't know the current status of the stock, but I do see that in the early 1960's the stock made the US SEC's Canadian restricted list, which was for companies who sold their stock to Americans without proper SEC registration. That is not legal, and good, honest companies obtain an SEC registration before selling to, or even contacting, Americans. It does not bode well for the ultimate value of the company.

Usually in these cases you should contact the Transfer Agent first, but Guaranty Trust is long gone. If there is a Province of Incorporation listed on the certificate, you can contact them and see what information they have on file, but considering the age of the certificate, I doubt it would be of much use to you. Therefore, your best chance is probably to take the certificate to a broker and have them perform a more detailed search for you.  

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