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I have 12 old Canadian Mining Company Stock Certificates.
I am trying to find out if they have any value.  Here is a list.  Thank you so much for your help.

1-Novamines Corp.          1966    7 Shares
2-Cadamet Mines Limited          1958    75 Shares
3-Canorama Explorations Limited        1957    6 Shares
4-Amos-Cadillac Gold Mines, Limited    1938    1,000 Shares
5-Amos-Cadillac Gold Mines, Limited    1938    1,000 Shares
6-Amos-Cadillac Gold Mines, Limited    1938    1,000 Shares
7-Stadacona Mines (1944) Limited       1945    8 Shares
8-Norbeau Mines (Que.) Limited         1938    2 Shares
9-Moffatt-Hall Mining Co. Ltd.         1936    100 Shares
10-Moffatt-Hall Mining Co. Ltd.        1936    100 Shares
11-Moffatt-Hall Mines Ltd.          1936    100 Shares
12-Picard Gold Mines Ltd.          1928    500 Shares

Sandy, from the information I have available:

Novamines has no current value. The company was dissolved in the mid-1970's.

Cadamet has no current value. It had a 1 for 5 reverse split before having its charter cancelled and being dissolved in the mid-1970's.

Canorama had a 1 for 5 reverse split and became Consolidated Canorama Explorations. However, the stock was cease-traded by Ontario in 1975, and that cease-trade order remains in effect.

I have no information on Amos-Cadillac.

Stadacona has no value. The Company had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in the early 1970's.

Norbeau went through several name changes and capital changes before becoming LAC Minerals, which was acquired by Barrick in 1994. However, since your certificate is only 2 shares, it like would have been wiped out by a 1 for 12 reverse split long before that. However, you can check with Barrick's current transfer agent, Canadian Stock Transfer ( to inquire about your old certificate.

Moffatt-Hall has no current value. The Company had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in the late 1950's.

I have no information on Picard.

For the certificates on which I have no information, I suggest you try contacting the Province of Incorporation as listed on the certificate and see what information they have available, or contact a broker and ask them to perform a detailed search for you.

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