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My Father passed away recently and I found several receipts & statements from EA Manning for stocks he purchased in the 80's.
The companies are Golden Eagle Resources Inc., Red Fox Resources Inc., Ekersval Resources Ltd., Aurlot Explorations Ltd., Blake River Explorations Ltd., and Faldo Mines & Energy.  Faldo is the only one for which I have the actual stock certificate.  Are any of these worth pursuing?


Deborah, from the information I have available:

Golden Eagle has no current value. It became Golden Eagle Capital, which became Points North Digital, which became Peragis. Peragis collapsed and was cease-traded during a stock fraud investigation, and it has not resumed trading.

Red Fox did a 1 for 1.9 reverse split and became Libary Information Software. That company was suspended in 1999 until the company was revived in 2006 and resumed filing with the regulatory authorities, but stopped again in December 2008. There may have been a name change to Starwood Manufacturing, but I cannot confirm that. I suggest you contact a broker and see if they can perform a more detailed search for you.

Ekersval did a 1 for 3 reverse stock split and became Maxill Inc. Maxill was delisted by the VSE in 2003. However, the company remained in business, and in 2011 was taken private for 8 cents per common share. The last transfer agent for the Company was Equity ( I suggest you contact them and see if they can provide any information on any funds your father may have been due if he still held the shares.

Aurlot went through numerous name changes and at least one reverse split (a 1 for 5). They are currently Canada Lithium, which trades for about 87 cents per share on the TSX. You need to contact the current transfer agent, which is also Equity ( and see if your father was still listed as a shareholder.

Blake River was suspended and cease-traded by Ontario in the 1990's, but the Company hung on through early 2007 when they stopped their required regulatory filings. They were deeply in debt at that time, so it is likely they just threw in the towel, but I have no definitive information on what finally happened to them.

The last known contact information for Blake River is:

30 Pennsylvania Avenue
Unit #2
Concord, Ontario
L4K 4A5

416 606-6839

The last listed transfer agent was also Equity. You can also try contacting them and see what information they have available.

Faldo did a 1 for 3 reverse split and eventually became NSI Global. NSI was cease-traded and delisted in 2003. Therefore, no current value.  

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