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I am the registered holder of 750 Pizza Patio shares (Certificate
No 1182 Yorkshire Trust Company) purchased on July 12, 1982. Pizza
Patio was a brand name owned by the Pizza Delight Corporation Inc., which is now under the Imvescor Restaurant Group Inc.
I was able to contact someone at Imvescor and was informed that the public company shell was sold to a mining company in Vancouver in 1991. Yorkshire Trust Company was the last name the person at Imvescor had on file.
I did receive a dividends check dated October 17, 1991, nothing before or since that time. What does this mean? Were my shares sold without my knowledge or signature? If I still own them, any value?
The Imvescor contact had to do a lot of research to tell me the trail stops with Yorkshire Trust Company in 1991. Does this company still exist. Looking forward to hearing from you. Mona.

Mona, from the information I have available, the old Pizza Patio shell became San Andreas Resources in 1991. San Andreas later changed its name to Canadian Zinc, which is still around. The stock trades for about 65 cents per share on the TSX and on the OTCBB in the US, as they are registered and fully reporting to the SEC - always a very good sign.

You will need to contact the current transfer agent, Computershare ( to determine if they have you on the books as a holder. If so, they will be able to reorganize your old shares into the new Canadian Zinc shares.

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