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aboout 35 years ago i purchased 500 share in a company by the name of Pelican mines. today i am receiving information about eagleford energy. vote by proxy, financial statement and question is has eagleford energy purchase pelican mines and are my stocks worth anything. i can't the actual certificates but i do know they are in my name.Can you help

Dan, from the information I have available, Pelican is not Eagleford. Pelican went through numerous name changes and reverse splits, as well as leaving Canada and incorporating in the US and registering with the SEC, and is now Digerati Technologies. Unfortunately, your original 500 shares of Pelican might have been completely wiped out by the reverse splits, but I suggest you contact the current transfer agent and see if you have any shares in the current company. The agent is:

American Stock Transfer and Trust Company, LLC
6201 15th Avenue
2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11219
718-921-8200 (international)

Eagleford is a completely different company. It began as Bonanza Red Lake Explorations in 1978, then had a reverse split and became Eugenics in 2000 before becoming Eagleford in 2009. You must have also had shares in one of the preceding companies and the transfer agent successfully tracked you down to inform you of your current shareholding. I suggest you contact the agent as listed on the Proxy and determine how many shares of Eagleford you have and perhaps have a new certificate issued.

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