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I found a stock certificate for FarWest mining Limited dated Jan 22 1976  my father is wondering if there is any value,  I read your other answers about Farwest but they seem to be a company dissolved before 1976.  Thank you in advance

Tammy, there were two companies with a similar name. The first was Farwest (1 word) Mining Ltd. incorporated in B.C. in 1955. That company had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in 1975. The second was Far West (two words) Mining Ltd., which was incorporated in Alberta in 1994. Therefore, it seems reasonable to assume the certificate is the first (dissolved) company.

The reason the certificate may be older than the dissolution date is before certificates were mostly electronic, it was not unusual for a brokerage firm to send clients certificates when a company had no value. Such as when it was dissolved. It is very possible the certificate is dated after the dissolution date because it was cut and sent out in the (very slim) hope the company would be revived sometime in the future. That does not seem to have happened. Therefore, from the information I have available, I don't believe the certificate has any value. But, I would suggest contacting the Province of Incorporation to be sure, or contact a broker and have them perform a detailed search for you.

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