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I have a relative who purchased 500 shares of Quebec Oil Development LTD stock on March 2, 1956. During various inquiries, I have come to the conclusion that they may now belong to Consolidated Developments Ltd. What information, if any, do you have about the company and how may they be contacted to verify the value of the stock? Thank you.

Yvonne, from the information I have available, Quebec Oil did eventually become Consolidated Developments in the early 1970's, but only after two very large reverse splits. First was a 1 for 17, followed by a 1 for 5. Those reverses would have reduced the original 500 shares of Quebec Oil to just 6 Consolidated Developments. Unfortunately, I have no further information on Consolidated - it seems to have disappeared about 1975/1976. Therefore, I suggest you contact the Province of Incorporation and see if they have any information, or contact a broker and see if they can uncover any additional information.

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