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I have some share certificates that have never been cashed in. Can you tell me how to go about cashing them? One is dated July 31, 1982 and the others are dated Mar. 31, 1993. I appreciate any help you can give me.

Eldon, UGG became Agricore United, which was subsequently acquired by Saskatchewan Wheat Pool in 2007 for $20.50 per share cash.

Quite often in takeovers, especially cash takeovers, the share certificate is not required to be submitted to receive the cash. A check is mailed automatically to the registered holders and the old certificate is left with the owner, even though it no longer has value. If the registered holder did not receive a check, then the money would have been turned over to the government for safekeeping until it was claimed. You can search many of the missing property offices online for free at and (check both databases, as they have different participants).  

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