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QUESTION: Thank you for your previous info on this stock.  I contacted Digital Angel regarding the stock. They advised me it been recapitalized into Commstar, Ltd. and that Commstar, Ltd. had been taken over by Montreal Trust Co. In researching Montreal Trust Co., I see they were purchased by Scotiabank (1994)and Computershare, an Australian company (2000).  Which would you advise as a next step? Thanks.

ANSWER: Andrew, I would recommend you contact Computershare directly. They have offices all over the world as they are either the largest, or one of the largest, transfer agents in many countries, including the United States and Canada. You can find them at

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: As you mentioned, I contacted Computershare.  They have not been the transfer agent since 2000 and advised me to contact Montreal Trust Co.
I sent a letter to Montreal Trust in Toronto on June 8th and todate have not received a reply.  Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

ANSWER: Andrew, if your certificate has value, it should be Digital Angel. They should be the ones to assist you. Actually, their transfer agent should be the one to assist you. Bouncing back from Computershare to Montreal Trust is unlikely to provide you the information you need.

I see the current transfer agent for Digital Angel is Registrar and Transfer Company. I am not sure when they switched. But, they should have the information you need. The contact info per Digital Angel is:

Registrar and Transfer Company
ATTN: Investor Relations Department
10 Commerce Drive
Cranford, NJ 07016

Toll Free: (800) 368-5948
Direct Access: (908) 497-2300

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I actually contacted the Cranford, NJ address on 4/23/13.  They say "Big Long Lac Gold Mining Company recapitalized into Commstar, Ltd. on 12/12/88 through a 1 for 1 a exchange.  Commstar was then taken over by Montreal Trust Co."  They suggested I contact Montreal Trust Co. for further information. "No other information can be found pertaining to either of these two companies or the account holder on our records."

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Andrew, when they say that Commstar was taken over by Montreal Trust, they mean the transfer agent services were taken over by Montreal Trust. Not the Company. Commstar was actually later acquired by Applied Cellular Technology, which later became Digital Angel. That address in Cranford is very definitely who you need to talk to, so the fact they are not doing their job is very disturbing.

Therefore, I make the following suggestions. First, I would contact Digital Angel's investor relations office directly and explain to them you believe you should be a shareholder by way of your ownership of Big Long Lac, but the transfer agent is not providing the necessary information. Explain to them the entire process and why you need their help. Hopefully they can intercede with their agent and get you the help you need.

If that doesn't work, I suggest you take the certificate to a broker and have them contact the agent on your behalf. They might be able to get better service with the transfer agent than you are receiving.  

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