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We recently moved. I found several old stock certificates that I can't find listed anywhere.Can you please provide me with any information relative to their status?

1)Canadian Keeley Mines. Purchased March 16, 1964.
2)International Mariner Resources Ltd. June 10/71,June June  24/91, Feb. 20/73.
3)Gulf Bay Mines Limited. Purchased Oct.14/1964 & May 26/1965.

Appreciate your response.
Thank you,


Walter, from the information I have available:

Canadian Keeley went through several name changes and reverse splits (1 for 7 and 2 for 5) and became Jaime Frontier Resources, which was cease-traded in 1990. That cease-trade order remains in effect, so there is no current value.

International Mariner has no current value. the Company had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in the late 1970's.

Gulf Bay has no current value. The Company had several reverse splits and name changes and ended as Cercal Minerals, which was suspended and delisted in the mid-1990's. Those cease-trade orders remain in effect.

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