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Hello Steve, I have three old stock certificates that I'm trying to find out if they have any value. The first is (Mount Wright Iron Mines Co. Ltd), dated Sep 6,1973; (Consolidated Tungsten Mining Corp. of Canada Ltd.), dated June 3, 1965; (Marwood Mining Corp. Ltd.)Special Preferential Subscription Warrant, sponsored by National Securities of Ontario.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Sincerely, Rick Buhrmann

Rick, from the information I have available:

Mount Wright went through numerous name changes and at least two reverse stock splits (1 for 5 and 1 for 7) and became, which was taken private in 2005. Common shareholders received 2 cents per share. The registered holder of the shares should have received a check for their shares at that time.

Consolidated Tungsten is the same as Mount Wright - they had a 1 for 4 reverse split and changed their name to Mount Wright.

I have no information on Marwood Mining, but since it is a special warrant and not common stock, it likely has no value as it would have either expired or converted a long time ago.  

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