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Hi - I was wondering how one finds the assessed value of a stock that you owned at the time that capital gains tax came into effect in Canada (1972 some time, I think). In my case, it is stock for Goderich Elevator (recently called ThirdCoast).



Pat, you will need to determine the price you originally paid for the stock in order to determine the capital gain from when you ultimately sell it. The most direct way is to find the original buy confirmation that lists the exact amount you paid for the stock, but most people don't have that paperwork anymore, especially after 40+ years. If you know the date you acquired the stock, you can get an approximate price by finding the stock's trading price on that date. For that, you can contact a broker and see if they can look up the stock price, or try contacting the Exchange and have them find it in their records. Note that the Exchange will charge you for the service, however, but since you are going all the way back to 1972, that might be the most available option.

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