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I have an elderly client who is in possession of some shares and he is not certain if these shares are still valid and have any value or not.
The first company is Spar Holdings and Explorations Ltd., we believe that company changed to Sparkec International.
The second company is Photo Mines Limited.
The third company is Pathway Food Industries Limited.
We would appreciate any feedback that you can provide in this regard.

Bernie, from the information I have available:

Spar did a 1 for 5 reverse and became Spartec International. Spartec was cease-traded and delisted in 1999, and that cease-trade order remains in effect. No current value.

Photo and Spar are the same company. Photo amalgamated with Spar in 1975.

Pathway had 2 name changes and became Asia Media Group Corp., which was suspended and cease-traded in 2002. That cease-trade order remains in effect, so there is no current value.

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