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Att: Steven Taylor

My father passed away and we found a document in the safe from the United Investment Services for an investment of 3600 in 1967.  I have traced the company sales to TD Canada trust but they say they have not record of this certificate.  I am not sure where to go next, can you point me in the right direction.  

Thank you for your attention to this matter


Kelly Pratt

Kelly, I am afraid there is not much more you can do at this point. If the transfer agent/registrar says they have no record, you are out of luck.

Certificates are neither bearer instruments, nor do they prove ownership. They are only representative of ownership, as the transfer agent/registrar's official ownership records are the only thing that counts. If a Company is acquired or changes its name, it is common for the old certificates to remain out there as often the agent will just send the shareholders a new certificate without requiring the old one to be exchange. The agent then cancels the old one on their books. Or, a person could claim a lost certificate and the agent issues a new one with the same result.

Therefore, if the agent says the certificate is not valid, there is really no recourse. Sorry.

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