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Hi Steven,

In dealing with an Estate, I have come across two old share certificates.  They are for:  Alice Arm Copper Syndicate and for Benbridge Syndicate.  Thus far, I have been unable to find any information re their current status or potential value.

Would you please share with me any insight you have?

Thank you, Neil

Neil, those are syndicates, and syndicates were almost always not publicly traded securities. They were formed under separate laws, and were established to explore a specific area or property. They were sold to a very limited number of people, usually friends and family, and when the money was gone, they usually just closed, often without even filing the final paperwork with the government. If something worthwhile was found, the syndicate would try to sell the property to some company for stock and then distribute the shares to their holders. They are very difficult to track down and highly unlikely to have any current value. You can try the Province of formation and see what information they have available.

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