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Dear Steve,

I have a receipt from Old Colony Securities Limited, Toronto, Canada from 1960 when they acted as agent for my parents who purchased 400 shares of Revere Mining Limited.  Decades ago my parents spoke of purchasing 500 (or so) shares of "Canadian stock", but they lost track of it.  At this point I cannot find the actual stock certificates, and my father died years ago; Mom is still living.  Is there a way I can follow up on this using the receipt I have to see if there is any value to the 400 shares that the receipt mentions?

Thank you for your help.


Jacob, there is a way to follow up on old stocks. A certificate is not required to prove ownership of stock. The only official ownership record is kept by the Transfer Agent/Registrar. If you know who the TA is, you can contact them and see if your parents are on the official shareholder records.

However, in the case of Revere, from the information I have available, the company is defunct. Even if your parents still did own the shares, they would have no current value.

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