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Yes sir back in 1997 I bought stock through A.C.MacPherson & Co. Inc since they no longer exist and I have found the paper work from when I bought this stock. Was wondering what happened to the stock and is it any good. The companies were Heartland Resources Inc. and EP 2000 Conservation Inc. Any information would be helpful. Thank you

Jerry, from the information I have available:

Heartland changed its name to Ryland, which was acquired in 2010 by Crescent Point Energy on the basis of 0.0117 of a Crescent Point share for each Ryland share. Crescent Point trades on the TSX for about $39 a share. You will need to contact the current transfer agent, Olympia Trust ( and see if they list you as a shareholder. If so, they should be able to issue you a new certificate without ever having to track down the old one from MacPherson.

EP 2000 has no current value. EP 2000's operating subsidiary went bankrupt in 2007, and the stock was delisted shortly thereafter. The stock was also cease-traded, and those orders remain in effect.

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