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I saw your 2012 post about Maxill Inc and wondered if you could provide similar information about who to contact to see if there is any cash due for shares - or if the shares have any value - for the following 5 penny stocks sold by Price Warner back in 1995.

1) Megasol Corporation
2) Zlin Aerospace
3) Neotel Inc.
4) Triangle Multi-Services Corporation
5) Ottawa Structural Services

Thanks for your help.

Tracey, from the information I have available:

Megasol has no current value. The Company went through numerous name changes and reverse splits and ended as Enblast Productions, which collapsed and was suspended, delisted and cease-traded in 2003. The cease-trade order remains in effect.

Zlin has no current value. It ran into serious financial trouble and was suspended, delisted and cease-traded in 2002. Those cease-trade orders remain in effect.

Neotel had several name changes and at least one reverse split (1 for 3) and ended as Tenth Power Technologies, which was taken private in May 2013. The common shareholders received 1 cent per share. You will need to contact the last transfer agent, Equity ( to determine if there is any value in your shares.

Triangle has gone through some name changes and is currently Biosenta Inc., which trades on the Canadian National Stock Exchange for about 8 cents per share. The current transfer agent is Heritage Stock Transfer, which does not have a website. You will have to call them in Toronto at (416) 364-9509 to determine if your old shares can be exchanged for the new.

Ottawa Structual has had at least 2 reverse splits (1 for 10 and 1 for 9) and is currently Forsys Metals, which trades on the TSX for about 48 cents per share. The current agent is aslo Equity (, so contact them to exchange the old shares into the new.

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