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I have found a couple old share certificates and was wondering if you had any information on them:

1)  Future Avenir Corp.
2)  The Lithium Corporation of Canada, Limited
3)  TriplePlay Sports Group Inc.

I also had some certificates from an answer you previously provided and the shares had no value....probably the same case here but I thought I would check.  Thanks a bunch for your time.

Rob, from the information I have available:

Furture Avenir had a couple of name changes and a reverse split (1 for 10) and became Thistle Mining. Thistle went bankrupt and common shareholders were reduced to just a 5% ownership in the restructured company. Shortly thereafter, their financial difficulties continued and they were delisted in both Canada and in London. I believe the Company is now defunct.

Ltihium Corporation changed names a couple of times and had a large reverse split (1 for 35) and became Seven Seas Petroleum, which collapsed and went bankrupt in 2004. No current value.

TriplePlay ran into financial trouble and reverse split its shares 1 for 10 and became Bonanza Blue in 2000. Although the stock is not listed for trading, the Company is still around as an empty shell. The current contact information is:

36 Toronto Street, Suite 1000
Toronto, Ontario,
M5C 2C5
416 848-0106

Contact person is listed as Carmelo Marrelli -

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