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Hullo Steven:
We have shares in a predecessor company of Pyxis. I see last Sept you replied to an enquirer that Pyxis had gone private in 2008, so I am now going to chase down the proceeds.
But as we are non-residents of Canada, can you tell us which department of which government will be holding the funds on our behalf.  The last address the share registrar had for us was here in the U.K., but presumably the money will have stayed in Canada with the federal or a provincial government and not been sent to the U.K.?

Michael, that is a very good question. Under laws in place in most jurisdictions, they are required to turn the money over to the government in the last known residence of the lost shareholder. However, if there is not an agreement in place to transfer that money, it might be found in the State or Province in which the Company is headquartered, or in which the Company's transfer agent is located.

I suggest you search the missing property offices of each likely holder, as any of them could potentially be holding funds for you. You can search many of them online for free at and

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