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Canadian Stocks/Unclaimed shares, follow-up.


Regarding an answer to a follow-up question.

If companies/transfer agents are unable to find the lost stockholders, the assets are then turned over to the government for safekeeping.

Would you know what government department they are turned over to? And how a person could view them? Possibly by way of the Freedom of Information act?

Thank-you very much.

Dean, it varies by State or Province. Some have dedicated lost property offices for this exact purpose, while others delegate the responsibility to other departments.

Most States and Provinces regularly publish lists of people with property being held in safekeeping for them. They often run periodic advertisements in newspapers seeking to contact those with missing property, for instance. Many of the lists are available online at and However, for privacy purposes, the specific asset being held is not disclosed. I highly doubt you would be able to view what the assets are, as that information is withheld due to strong privacy laws.  

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