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I'd like to buy one share of about 5 different public companies.
Then I'd like to go to the co.'s head offices in town, here in Ont., and look at their shareholder's list, lists of unclaimed shares. Do I have the right to do this? Do the co.'s have to comply and let me look at these lists?

Possibly by way of the Freedom of Info. act?

Dean, that is an interesting plan, but there are several problems.

First, the head offices of companies do not maintain, or even have in their offices, official shareholder lists. Those are maintained by the transfer agents.

Second, you as a shareholder have no right to view the shareholder lists. You would have to legally petition those lists under proxy law. Owning 1 share isn't going to cut it.

Third, companies do not have to comply except under special circumstances under the law. Freedom of Information Act applies to governments, not private companies.

I am quite curious, though - why would you want to view the list of unclaimed shares?

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