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My mother has stock certificates from "Carshaw Porcupine Gold Mines Limited. They were purchased April 27th, 1951  I googled the name and it came up Porcupine Gold Mines which is a subsidiary of Goldcorp Canada LTD in Timmins Ontario  This company consists of two distinct mining operations. Hoyle Pond Underground and Dome Underground. How do I find out if these stocks are still valid?  Thank You for you time


Linda, the term "Porcupine Gold" was a very common term and used in numerous Canadian companies. The Porcupine Gold camp was one of the richest in Canadian history, and hundreds of companies tried to strike it rich there, with many of them using the term "Porcupine Gold" to denote to investors their connection with the area. Most of the companies, however, ended up finding nothing. Only a small few found anything of value and survived.

From the information I have available, Carshaw was one of the many. The Company had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in the early 1970's. No current value.

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