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Hello, what a great service you are providing here!  Like many others, I have come across old share certificates in my late parents' belongings.  The companies are: Bouscadillac Gold Mines Limited (Ont.,1956), Gordona Mining Corporation Limited (Ont., 1950), Marvel Rouyn Mines Limited (Ont., 1951), Reality Oils Limited (Alta., 1955), The Scandinavian News Service Limited (Ont., 1944),Winston Mining Corporation Ltd. (Sask., 1956), and Loranda Uranium Mines, Ltd. ((Sask., 1955).  Did I hit the jackpot? :)

Cathy, from the information I have available:

Bouscadillac went through several name changes and reverse splits before having its charter cancelled in the 1970's. No current value.

Gordona lost its charter in the 1960's. No current value.

Marvel was dissolved in the mid-1960's. No current value.

I have no information on either Reality or Scandinavian. I suggest you contact the Province of Incorporation and see what information they have available.

Winston and Loranda both merged into Westore on the basis of 1 Westore for each old share. Westore became Bison Petroleum on the basis of 1 Bison share for every 13 Westore share. Bison became Nalcap on the basis of 1 Nalcap share for every 7.7 Bison shares. Nalcap later became Arbatax after a 1.5 for 1 forward split. From there, Arbatax went through numerous capital and name changes. It is now MFC Industrial, which trades on the NYSE for about $8 per share. You will need to contact the current transfer agent, Computershare ( to determine if the old certificates are valid and, if so, to have them converted into the new shares.

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