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My father died in 2005 and I was left a stock certificate no. NY20007; 100 shares
The registered holder is Ernst & Co. and it is signed on 5h back.  Is this of any value to me or just a nostalgic memento?  
Distinctive number from 2,193,804 to 2,193,903
I sincerely appreciate your time and energy as I have just been sitting on this.  I have a daughter who is 20 and a junior at Eastern Washington University who wants to get her PHD.  I am a single mom and would love to have this document be worth something but am also a realist.  But, wouldn't it be nice?
Terry Madsen

Terry, unfortunately it looks like the certificate has no current value.

Premier was liquidated in 1947. Shareholders received some cash and new shares in various companies. It appears the shares of the new companies are long defunct with no value, but it is very likely the registered holder of the original certificate received those shares and never had to turn in the Premier certificate which would have been cancelled by the agent, making the certificate without value even if any of the new shares received had any value.  

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