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We have a number of these, but great difficulty in finding any information on them or values if any.  Can you help?
Allied Northern Resources, Blackstone Explorations Inc., Nolan Lake, Celina, Coronation Gold, Parapet Petroleum (formerly Golden Falcon).  We recently had shareholder proxy form sent from another name - Shoal Point Resources, but we assume this is one of the wrap around new companies as we don't have stock in that name. These date back to the early eighties and with address changes, etc. we haven't kept up. Thanks for your help.

Lee, from the information I have available:

Allied Northern became Shoal Point in 2010. Since you received a proxy, the transfer agent already has you in the shareholder records, but you should contact them (Olympia Trust) to have your old shares reorganized into the new.

I  have no information on Blackstone Explorations. If there is a transfer agent listed on the certificate, I would contact them first, as they will know if the shares have current value. You can also try contacting the Province of Incorporation and see what information they have available, or contact a broker and ask them to perform a detailed search for you.

Nolan Lake had several name changes and at least two reverse splits (1 for 5 and 1 for 10) and is now White Pine, which trades on the TSX Venture Exchange for about 8 cents per share. You will need to contact the current transfer agent, Equity Transfer ( to have the old shares reorganized into the new.

Celina went through several name changes and at least one reverse split and became Pure Energy Resources. Pure Energy was cease traded in Ontario in 1987, and that order remains in effect.

I have no information on Coronation Gold.

Parapet went through several name changes and at least 2 reverse splits (1 for 13 and 1 for 3) and became Western D'Eldona, which was acquired in 1992 for $3.25 cash per share. If you did not receive a check for the shares at the time, the money would have been turned over to the government for safekeeping. You need to search the missing property office of each State or Province in which you lived from the time you acquired the shares until the acquisition in 1992. You can search many of them online for free at and  

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