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As you mentioned, I again attempted to contact the Cranford, NJ address by phone and e-mail.  I only received an e-mail reaffirming that they did not have any information on my certificates.  The value is now only about $25, so the certificates may be worth more framed as a memento than trying to pursue this course of action any further.  Would a broker want to be bothered with handling this transaction?  Thanks for your continuing assistance.  I'm sure it is as frustrating for you as it has been for me.

Andrew, I am very sorry to hear that the Agent is not providing you with the services they should be. That is very frustrating for all of us.

Considering the current value of the certificates, it might be best to go ahead and call it a day. With the brick wall you encountered at the agent, it doesn't make sense to continue to fight for the dollar amount involved.  

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