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are any of these companies still in existence
blue gold international
engineering power systems limited
Ontario hose specialties
nexus group international Inc.
these were all purchased though ac McPherson some time ago

Rob, from the information I have available:

Blue Gold ran into regulatory problems in 2000 after they stopped filing their required financial information. They were suspended, delisted, and cease-traded, and those cease-trade orders remain in effect.

Engineering Power went through numerous name changes and reverse splits and became Enernorth, which went bankrupt in 2007. No value for shareholders.

Ontario Hose did a 1 for 30 reverse split and is now Enterprise Energy, which trades for about 6 cents per share. The current agent is Equity Transfer ( You can contact Equity to have your old certificate reorganized into the new shares.

Nexus Group International was cease-traded by the Quebec and Alberta securities commissions in 2006, and was delisted by the TSX at the same time. Those cease-trade orders remain in effect, which means no current value.

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